FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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How can your prices be so low?

We have never done a bargaining business and will never do. All our prices are fixed and much more cheaper than other markets' prices. No bargaining is necessary because these prices are already at the lowest level.

Will you send me the certificate of the carpet?

Yes. We will send you the 'Certiface of the Carpet'. Click here to see an example of our certificate. By this certificate you will be able make insurance.

Is it safe to send my credit card number by internet?

We are using the highest security level available on internet. By SSL system your payment details willl be sent to us in an encrypted form an no one except us will be able to see these informations. Anyway, you can also send your credit card details to us by Fax. Our fax number is:+90384 2712480.

Can I talk with Mehmet?

Of course, yes. You can call Mehmet by the number +90384 2712003. Please take care of the timezone. Turkey's timezone is GMT + 2.00.

How will I receive the carpet?

We will send your carpet by the industry leading cargo companies UPS, DHL or TNT to anywhere in the world wheter in Australia, New Zealand or USA.

Can I receive my carpet in 1 week?

After purchasing you will receive your carpet in just 1 week. All museum and custom controls will be done in this period. If you want to receive your carpet in Europe, you will get it in a shorter time.


Will I pay for custom and tax?

No. The price includes all the taxes and other fees, except shipping. You will pay only carpet's price and shipping cost.

Will I pay for shipping?

Yes. Shipping is an extra cost and not included to prices. But if your orders cost more than 500 USD, we will pay the shipping cost for you. If your orders are less than 500 USD, the cost for shipping will be calculated according to the weight of your package and we will give you information about the shipping price before posting your package.