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Sultan Carpet is established in 1989 an since then we have been producing, repairing and selling carpets and kilims. In the last 13 years we had over 2000 customers among whole world. Most of them are from; United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. In year 2000, we have established 'Sultan Carpet Queenstown' in New Zealand as a Branch Office of 'Sultan Carpet Goreme' .

You can see some newspapers and photos about us in this page.

TNT Magazine - Travel Tips

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The mag says;
'CARPET DEALS: When traveling in Turkey, every Turk you came across will try to get you to buy a carpet from him or his brother's, uncle's, cousin's shops. The best place to buy a carpet is in eastern Turkey and the further east the better, although Cappadocia is known as the best region. I came across a shop where they have fixed prices and if you find the same carpet cheaper anywhere else they'll refund the difference. They are honest and genuine and have a great selection. They are extremely hospitable and will give you beer if you need them to help you decide. The shop is: Sultan Carpets, Goreme, Cappadocia.

Nicken MANTEL / Acton

OTAGO House & Garden Show

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"Beautiful hand-made Turkish Rugs" Turkish rugs are now available direct to you at the 2001 Otago House and Garden Show. Sultan Carpets of Queenstown is a new business, which imports rugs, kilims, and summacks direct from Sultan Carpets, Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey. This beautiful range will complement and enhance any home and will be on show for the first time at the 2001 Otago House and Garden Show. All of the items are handmade and certified. Mehmet Dasdeler of Sultan Carpets Goreme who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this industry, personally selects all items, ensuring only the highest standards of workmanship and artistry are sent.

The rugs are all naturally dyed by traditional dyeing methods. Natural dyes will not fade in the sun, however, the sun acts as a natural bleach which develops and matures the colour over a long period of time. Featuring at the Otago House and Garden Show will be Mehmet Dasdeler, who will be happy to answer any of your questions as well as show you the selection of beautiful pieces. Visitors to the 2001 Otago House and Garden Show can find him situated at the colourful stand 100.

For more details contact Lisa Scanlan on (025) 960-199.

Sultan Carpet of Queenstown Flyer

Another exhibiton in New Zealand 'Turkish Rug Expo' which we have showed many of our prices. Click the left image for enlarging.

Authentic Hand Made Rugs

Turkish Rug Expo

Wool Rugs
Wool Cotton Rugs
Wool Cotton Sumacks
Wool & Silk Sumacks
Wool Kilims
Wall Hangings

The oriental carpet is a masterpiece of textile craft demanding the highest standarts of workmanship and artistry, and in no other ariental weaving country are rugs and carpets considered of such importance as in Turkey.

Sultan Carpet of Goreme

Sultan Carpet of Goreme

Mehmet Dasdeler in Australia

Mehmet Dasdeler in Australia

Mehmet Dasdeler in Otago Exhibition - House Garden Show

Mehmet Dasdeler in Otago Exhibition - House Garden Show

Mehmet Dasdeler and Ali Yavuz (Kelebek Hotel) in Australia

Mehmet Dasdeler and Ali Yavuz (Kelebek Hotel) in Otago